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KIV Netiquette & Guidelines

Postby KIV admin on Fri Jan 14, 2005 6:25 pm

Kids In Victoria members,

Our forums are about friendly discussion, not contention. In order to enable useful discussion, we ask that everyone abide by our forum netiquette and guidelines:

1. "Remember the person". While communicating on the web, you do not have the ability to read (or send) non-verbal cues. We cannot see the other member's facial expressions, gestures, or hear their tone of voice. This makes it very easy to misunderstand the intentions of one another. Remember that all users are actual persons with feelings, and act appropriately with one another.

2. Do not attack other members personally. On the web, this is called flaming. Posts should advance the discussion, and while it's ok for the discussion to get heated, your opinions should be directed toward the issues, not other members.

If you are flamed through our forums, do not respond. Contact us at [email protected] instead.

3. If you find a post to be offensive, do not respond to that post. Responding tends to fuel the fire, and is not an effective means of diffusing the situation. Contact Us at [email protected] if you feel a post is offensive.

4. As in most public forums, attacks based on another user's membership in an identifiable group such as race, ethnic origin, gender and/or sexual orientation are not permitted.

5. Do not post anything libellous or otherwise illegal.

6. DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPITALS. It is the web-version of shouting, and rarely do people appreciate being shouted at.

7. Do not post using profanities or foul language. Our language filter will change inappropriate words to "#$%^&", and often make your post difficult to read.

8. Do not post any unpaid advertisements on our forums. This includes links to other commercial websites and/or chat groups, and providing links to your website via your signature and/or other such means.

9. Do not collect or distribute personal information on Kids In Victoria members.

10. Do not recruit our members to join another web forum or chat group, whether personal or otherwise. Providing a link to a personal website that is relevant to your posting is permitted, however should be done so with discretion.

11. Please remember the public nature of forums. Anyone can access any and all information provided. We urge you not to post your address, phone number, last name or any other identifiable information. If you wish to be contacted, provide an email address instead.

Failure to abide by the above netiquette and guidelines will result in the possible warning and/or banning of members from the forums. Kids In Victoria Online Inc. reserves the right to refuse access to our forums to any user deemed to be in non-compliance of our netiquette and guidelines.

All members are also reminded that they may be held legally accountable for what they say or do online. In particular, members may be held liable for any defamatory comments, threats, untrue statements, or other illegal and fraudulent claims made by them, or through their user account.
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