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Flovent Inhaler for Cough?

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Flovent Inhaler for Cough?

Postby C'sMom on Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:03 pm

DD (almost 4) has had a wicked cough for about 2 weeks now, especially at night (she was tired/fluey feeling for about the first 24hrs, but no other symptoms since). The doctor today felt her lungs were somewhat inflamed & gave us a prescription for a Flovent (fluticasone) inhaler. Just wondering if anyone else has used this for treatment of coughs? How long did it take to see an improvement, if you noticed one? DD has never had asthma or anything so it's all new to us. I'm also not clear as to whether we stop use when symptoms (hopefully!) improve or keep going for awhile longer so I guess we'll have to call and clarify. Anyways, TIA for anything you can share :-)
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Postby kramer on Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:18 pm

I don't know if I'll be much help, but I've used Flovent for mild asthma.
I would imagine your daughter's cough is irritating the lungs in the same way asthma makes the lungs spasm and this will relieve them of it.
I don't know about lasting effects, I think it's pretty much a symptom controller in her case so I would use it as long as you see fit. And stop when she's over this?
I have been on two different types, one had a mild steroid in it and the other didn't.
She should see a result pretty quickly, I would think. (like shortly after it's inhaled)
The reason I used those as opposed to the regular inhalers is that the propellent in the "puffer" ones made me cough worse!
Not sure I was much help, but I've used them and when I have a cough due to a cold, then it helps me. (my asthma is very mild and I think it's more of an allergy type thing than full blown asthma)
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Postby Guest on Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:23 pm

I used and inhaler for a cough and I think you should really check with the Doctor about when to stop it as it will be different for everyone and different from someone with Asthma. They may want it stopped when symptooms are gone or may want it stopped when inhaler is to check with the Doctor if they did not say. I don't know if oit is the same inhaler as I was them given a second one as well to use but I noticed an improvement right away with the second one and probable 4-7 days with the first.

Postby mom of twins on Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:24 pm

flovent is a cortisteroid its used as a long term medication for asthmatics it helps overtime to heal the airways and since it is a steroid you should also rinse her mouth out after each use so you prevent her from getting thrush . he prob prescribed it to help get the inflamation down. hoep she feels better also the flovent wont help the cough in anyway but it will help the inflamation come down
mom of twins
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Postby Purdycat on Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:24 pm

Virtually every year when I get a long lasting bad cough I get put on inhalers. Some inhalers have worked better than others. I've been put on the corticosteriod ones too. Anyways - with the right one - you should see a relief from coughing spasms within a day. But the cough won't be GONE. This isn't going to "cure" what caused the cough, but it will reduce the inflamation and make her more comfortable.
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Postby C'sMom on Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:17 pm

Thanks for your input everyone :-) This seems to be her pattern - she never seems to get terribly sick, but the cough is nasty & lasts a long time. It seemed to give her some relief after one dose this afternoon, so we'll see how tonight goes. I do realize it won't "cure" the underlying cause of the cough, we're just hoping it'll make her comfortable enough to get some sleep. Also I did talk to the Dr, and he advised that we can stop using it when we feel she's over the illness itself (it's a 60 day inhaler so hopefully won't take that long!). Also thanks to mom of twins for the mouth rinsing tip - the pharmacist & med insert mentioned this but didn't say why.
Have a great night everyone :-)
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Postby Mrs. Stroumboulopoulos on Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:28 pm

Hey, just wanted you to know that my DD was prescribed this when she was around 2.5 or so...
She had a cough that would just not go away.
Gosh, it seems so long ago now, so I don't remember exactly. But I'm sure it took maybe a couple of days to see an improvement. Maybe even less, but definately not more than the couple days.
I remember being so freaked out thinking she was going to be athsmatic (sp?) but it was very short term. The next winter she had the lingering cough again and both times we didn't even come close to emptying the inhaler...
She hasn't needed it since.
Did you get given the chamber/tube to use as well?

Also, just wanted to add that using a cool mist humidifier in her room at night can't hurt.
Hope she gets some sleep tonight! :)
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Mrs. Stroumboulopoulos
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Postby kimca01 on Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:14 am

My DS (2.5) is just getting over this as well - horrible isn't it. He had it last year as well so we are well schooled in the Ventolin/Flovent routine for this year - both years he ended up in the ER!

Definately do the mouth rinsing, very important. I get him to drink lots then brush his teeth.

Also, it's way easier to use a mask and spacer that you can buy at the drugstore. They aren't cheap ($50 or something) but the little mask covers their face then you squirt the puffer into the chamber and they just hold the mask and breathe.

I'm surprised they didn't give you Ventolin (or similar) as well as Flovent. Flovent is not for immediately effects, it just calms things down. If she has what my DS has, the Ventolin gives instant relief then he can go back to sleep. If it doesn't go away soon, maybe ask about it.

Hopefully it goes away soon - my DS's turned into a lung/chest infection - ugh. Thankfully antibiotics seem to have cleared that up, it's just the cough that won't go away!
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