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Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

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Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

Postby SunnySof on Mon May 30, 2011 9:35 am

Our new baby has just arrived, and is doing wonderfully, but I am daunted by the upcoming months with my dd (2.5 yrs) and how we will get her to take naps at the same time as baby. Right now I have my parents here to help, so they can take baby while I lie down with my daughter, but once they are gone, it'll just be me.
My dd doesn't sleep in our bed, but usually I lie down with her in bed to sleep at night, and then leave once she's out. She sleeps through most nights, or will come into bed with us if she wakes early. She naps okay at daycare, but because of maternity leave, she'll be out of daycare shortly. At home, she has never been easy to put to naps, unless she's in the car at the right time, or in the stroller. She will eventually lie down for naps with me if she's tired, but usually that's later than I would like (ie. 3 PM!).
Any suggestions from moms who have been there with two (or more)? Or should I just give up on the idea of naps for me and dd?

Thanks! :eek:
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Re: Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

Postby Alli on Mon May 30, 2011 9:45 am

I was exactly in your spot but my 2 where 22 months apart. What worked for me just insisting on quiet time on the couch. I would breastfeed DS #2 while the oldest cuddled into me. While the 1 ate he feel asleep and the oldest usually past out on me so I would just slowly get up while letting ds1 slide down put ds2 in his bed then carried ds1 to bed so I could take a nap on the couch with the tv.

It wasnt an ideal way of doing things but it worked for us.
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Re: Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

Postby rosamond on Mon May 30, 2011 9:47 am

I only have 1 child who just turned 3. She has never been too keep on naps, but will still nap at daycare for 45min - 1 hour. At home, she hasn't napped in almost 1 year. We have tried sleeping with her, but unless she is sick she will not nap (and really doesn't need it).

Maybe if this is the case for your daughter, you could start a "quiet time" when the baby is sleeping where your toddler needs to either lay down and look at books or colour quietly.

I wish you well :)
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Re: Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

Postby 3's_company on Mon May 30, 2011 10:16 am

When number two was 12 months old, I was 7 month pregnant with number 3 and I started a very strict nap training routine to get him ready for when the baby was born. His routine was to cuddle with me on the couch with his bottle and when he was done and very sleepy I would put him into bed. I knew this wouldn't work with the new baby around because I'd be busy feeding and needed number two to be able to go to bed without the bottle, cuddle routine. It worked really well for me, it took about a week of me putting him down without his bottle and he cried but after the week he went to sleep right away without fussing and that is still how he goes down. I just lay him down and he goes to sleep even now that he's 2 and baby number three is 12 months.
I say this because if you have family over right now, it might be a good time to 'nap train' her. It will probably be rough for a while but if it works and if you stick to it, I think it will make things much easier for you. Maybe just go through a simple nap routine, like a warning of 5 minutes to nap, then pick her up and snuggle her while walking to her room with the blinds down and light off. Tell her it's nap time and then lay her down and leave.
I know lots of people are against the CIO method, so if it doesn't work for you then that's fine. We did it with two of our three and we're glad we did. They all still nap (two share a room) and they go down well and easy...for naps anyway....the roomies sure chat it up at bed time! :mad:
Good luck in whatever you do, adjusting to two kids is challenging but it gets easier as new routines are developed!
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Re: Naps with a cosleep toddler and baby- suggestions?

Postby myboy on Mon May 30, 2011 11:45 am

Your daughter might be outgrowing her naps and only need one now and again. When I had my second son my first had already given up on naps and he was only 2. It is almost impossible to get them to nap at the same time when one is a newborn. Once you do get them down to only needing 2 naps a day, you really are not as sleep deprived and probably won't need a nap.
I found that it was the first month that was the hardest so if you could have family or friends help you out during the first month that is usually great.
Quiet time worked best for me. I didn't sleep but could relax and laydown on the couch with my 2 year old. He also liked a favorite show so I could have a moment of about 20 min. to myself.
The only way I could get my 2 year old to have a nap was to stay outside all morning having him run around. Sometimes he would nap then, but if he didn't it was even worse because he was now tired but wouldn't nap!
Try not to change your 3 year old routine too much. She is already experiencing a very big change. Enjoy your moments of just having her with you and give her that special attention she doesn't get while the baby is awake.
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