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Child Care Services While Managing Employment And Balancing!

Post all your questions, comments, ideas, hints and advice concerning child care. If you are looking for, or offering child care services, this is the place to share your information.

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Child Care Services While Managing Employment And Balancing!

Postby Kal Kurk on Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:32 pm

Are you a working parent? Managing a full-time/part-time job while doing everything you can for your child? Looking at increasing spending more time with your children?

These are questions I read on a recent forum while Googling information about daycare services and other things of that nature.

I'm Kal, and I have recently been working in and out of the BC Ferry Terminal/Downtown Victoria working on a film called "Underwater Secrets". While in town I'm working with a window and gutter cleaning company with me focusing more on the moss removal jobs... All of this being done and I am still taking care of my youngest, Wyatt.

Wyatt means the world to me, I have a daughter named Zyra but she is in Vancouver with her mother. Taking Wyatt on this journey to Victoria hasn't been the easiest venture but we made this decision to better all of our lives. Working part-time with Glass Guys has me on my toes, filming this documentary on Sunday's, Wednesday's, and Monday's as well as working with Zo when I can to get the extra cash to cover the day care services.

Keeping in constant contact with family is the most important thing besides ensuring Wyatt and Zyra's happiness and safety; I have him being watched by my cousin here in town on days when I am working and it has been extremely beneficial! When I am filming I am beyond blessed to have the ability to take him with me, he gets to play with some of the equipment and laughs his head off with the apparel designers.

I wanted to write this article to express my opinion and hone in on managing a busy life while taking care of a child/children. Most of us know, (mom and dad rock). If that isn't an option for whatever reason another good bet is extended family and for me close childhood cousins has always been a fantastic option for daycare services; I'm always going to close cousins who have parenting experience.

Me and my wife live very busy lives but our children always come first, creating a game plan for day care services has been a very important thing for us as we want our children to be raised with certain values and ensuring our nanny's/sitters can always keep that in mind.

Appreciate all those who chose to read my article, if your in need of any moss removal don't hesitate to phone me, Zo offers the best prices in town.

If you'd like to learn more about the documentary I am filming, please feel free to send me a private message and I can share some more information about it!
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Kal Kurk
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Re: Child Care Services While Managing Employment And Balanc

Postby Winnipeg Towing on Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:51 pm

Excellent article, thank you for sharing!

We've spoken in the past and I remember you saying you'd like to have a read about what we're offering here in Winnipeg for your Cousin Mark's interest.
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Winnipeg Towing
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