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Postby quest on Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:33 pm

I have a question and I'm wondering what you would to .
I was in a help centre for people down on their luck today .
Many people were waiting to be seen.
There were several new immigrants to Canada one with a small boy maybe 3
One older gentleman spoke a bit of basic English
The mom seemed upset her son was playing a ways from her .
She had brought him back the her group of friends a few times but to be fair they were there for a while he was distracted.
She had gotten free bread /sweets and had used that to bring him back .
The mom was not happy when he decided to go off again .
This time she went and got him brought him back by pulling his hair .
Of course the little gaffer was crying she put him on her lap and covered his mouth.
Poor little guy settled down after a while.
I shot the group a stern look the older man looked at me and gave a nervous chuckle.
I know these new immigrants are trying hard to learn Canadian ways .
I have no idea how they raise their children in Syria ,are they strict.
The mom did pull his hair but to be truthful she didn't do it hard .
There was a lot going on in the room at the time one lady's clothes weren't really covering her very well .
Poor sole .
The men in this group were getting quite a show and you could see they were discussing something.
I can only imagine.
Most people in there wanted to mind their own business get what they came for and leave .
Down on their luck.
I thought about trying to get through to this group of immigrants we don't do that here in Canada .
For several reasons I didn't.
My question is what would you have done and do you know how strict
Syrian mothers are .
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