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Curious about home schooling? For kids and teens alike . . .

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Curious about home schooling? For kids and teens alike . . .

Postby WCM on Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:51 am

Hello IP community. We are hosting our annual Home Learning Info Nights next month at Vic West Rec Center. These talks are free to parents who want to learn about their child's educational options outside of school. The first night is for parents of kids 12 and under, the second week is for those with kids approaching or in high school. If you've wondered how home learning can work for your family, please come chat with us about it!

Home School Info Night.
Thursday May 11th 6:30pm
Vic West Rec Centre

Are you curious about learning at home? Do you want to know what your options are outside of attending a brick and mortar school? This evening is for you. We’ll discuss all your options from registering to enrolling, and the many ways home learning can look in the day to day. This is a public event, open to all parents, grandparents and caregivers who are interested in learning more about home learning.

Home Schooling High School Info Night
Thursday May 18th 6:30pm
Vic West Rec

Do you have a child in the ‘high school years’? Tonight, we will outline their options for navigating the High School years as a home learner. Whether they want a Dogwood Diploma or not, or want to go to post-secondary or create their own path, this evening is all about what that path can look like.

See you there!

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Re: Curious about home schooling? For kids and teens alike .

Postby DeniseFrankl on Thu May 18, 2017 3:31 am

Homeschooling?? Does it work? How would it be? I am really worried about the son, he is getting graduated this year from the high school and have no clue what he is going to do. Many of his friends already chose their majors, yet my boy has no plans to learn anything. He didn't go for any part-time jobs even when his friends asked him to come. He always seemed too interested in playing video games. How could I choose a course for him? How could I know his interest or passion is? Playing video games, might he will be interested in video games development? I wanted him to go for the ios training in Toronto, it is career training program in mobile application development. Might he will be interested in such courses.
Do you think that homeschooling will work for such boys? I have hope in him and I am sure that he will have a great future. I know he is bright even though he scores less. How would I help him to be successful in life?
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