I Love Island

Go crackers for these handmade crackers! These yummy crackers come in a variety of flavours and make an awesome vessel for anything from jam to tuna, to…whatever you crave! They’re even delicious on their own. Made in Victoria, you can find them at local food markets, in grocery stores or online.


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Yeshi Dressings

Surprise your taste buds! Yeshi Foods is an island owned, family business dedicated to making gluten free food taste delicious! Find these tasty, innovative, nutrient rich dressings and other products in stores near you or online.


Louis Pasture Pork Crisps

Crunch those cravings! In 2015 two Vancouver Island sisters created these protein-rich snacks to satisfy the cravings for salty snacks while still following the Paleo diet. Using local, ethically raised pork, these tasty snacks can be found at the Duncan Farmers Market, in some stores or online.


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