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Take a look at this month's articles provided by Island Parent Magazine. Each month you'll find new articles with topics on parenting your children of any age. Written largely by local authors, these articles provide some great perspectives related to parenting, both on and off the island.

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Donating Breast Milk Donating Breast Milk
In the first weeks of my young son’s life you could track our daily progress around our apartment by the drops of breast milk everywhere: around the bed, on the floor by the change table, through the hall leading to th...
posted: Feb 2, 2011  |  views: 3992  |  comments: 2
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Better Food for Kids Better Food for Kids
With the endless choice of cookbooks and online recipes available these days, there’s really no reason to be stuck for ideas when it comes to cooking dinner for your family. But somehow, amidst all those great resource...
posted: Jan 4, 2011  |  views: 2915  |  comments: 0
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Raising Vegetarians Raising Vegetarians
I was barely five years old when I connected those neat cellophane packages in the grocery store to the lumbering, wide-eyed animals my mother so excitedly pointed out to me on long drives to Nana and Papa’s. And I was...
posted: Feb 2, 2010  |  views: 3468  |  comments: 0
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Vegetarian Challenge Vegetarian Challenge
It began with something my twin daughters learned in a biology class. According to their teacher, the average North American family could reduce their ecological footprint more by switching to a vegetarian diet than by t...
posted: Dec 2, 2009  |  views: 2835  |  comments: 0
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Grab & Go, While the Going Is Good Grab & Go, While the Going Is Good
Summer is the season of out-and-about. Warmer weather and holidays lure us away from our wintertime ruts of home/work/school/repeat into a relaxing, dream-like world where it’s light till very late, the wind blows warm...
posted: Jun 24, 2009  |  views: 3018  |  comments: 0
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