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Brilliant Baby Buys!

Brilliant Baby Buys!

I don’t like to just write a product list for you as a general rule. After all, there are SO many baby products on the market, it is sometimes hard to know what you will really need and will be especially useful, versus what might be a waste of money. Of course a list such as this is always going to be personal - we all like to make our own discoveries and mistakes along the way, but I know that I would hav...
posted: Jun 15, 2012  |  views: 1595  |  comments: 0
The \

The "Green" Sling

When we were deciding which fabric to use to make our slings we knew that the fabric would be spending a lot of time against a baby’s sensitive skin. We learned that the chemicals used in the harvesting and manufacturing of cotton are potential contact allergens depending on the sensitivity of the skin. We were also careful to consider the environmental impact of producing cotton for textiles. We discovered that...
posted: May 5, 2009  |  views: 3932  |  comments: 0

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