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User Contributed - Latest Articles - Education

What is Heart of Algebra, Important Algebra Questions Topics for SAT PREPARATION?

What is Heart of Algebra, Important Algebra Questions Topics for SAT PREPARATION?

SAT is the standardized test administered by the College Board and is essential for every student to take it so as to get the admission in premium undergraduate schools. The Scholastic Assessment Test is essential to evaluate a candidate’s written, verbal and mathematical skills. Mathematics plays a crucial role in determining your overall SAT score. The exam as three sections which includes reading, writing, an...
posted: Apr 14, 2019  |  views: 461  |  comments: 0
STEM Education - What does STEM stand for in education?

STEM Education - What does STEM stand for in education?

STEM is a well thought and programmed education system which stands for primary subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program offers an integrated approach with hands-on relevant learning experiences. Incorporating STEM education system in schools suggest a defined pathway to all students at a younger stage of their lives. It helps students gain skills of problem-solving, exploratory...
posted: Apr 13, 2019  |  views: 465  |  comments: 0

Drain Service Victoria BC

Well I am here to write a little bit about being a drain service contractor, and a parent. This is something I have been struggling to master for the past 15 years, I always wanted to be the best father I could be and now I am here writing a little bit about the things I have not necessarily 'conquered' but have worked through while being a professional in my line of work. My son comes first, always. That will be...
posted: Nov 30, 2016  |  views: 931  |  comments: 0

3 Three Things Parents Should Know About Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are the reality for most students applying to American universities or private schools. These tests are the bane of most students’ existence. As you prepare your family for any of the common standardized tests, here are the top three things you need to know: 1. They are not as important as you think they are Many parents worry about their children’s scores on standardized tests for univer...
posted: Aug 26, 2016  |  views: 2216  |  comments: 0

3 Things that B+ Students Have that Help Them Run the World

I still remember a time when I was in Grade 10 at St. George’s School. One of our school counselors made a comment that has stuck with me ever since. He said that the world is run by B+ students. Since Grade 10, I have learned what he meant by this and have grown to appreciate the importance of this message. As many individuals are quickly realizing, interpersonal and people skills are becoming more important. Pres...
posted: May 13, 2016  |  views: 841  |  comments: 0
4 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves When Selecting a Child Care Facilitity

4 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves When Selecting a Child Care Facilitity

Ask yourself these three questions that will help you select the right child care facility: 1. What are the qualifications of the staff? All staff at a Vancouver based facility must meet certain Coastal Health regulations. Every center will have one or more staff that holds an Early Childhood Certificate. In some cases all staff will have their ECE certificate. There is always someone with a First Aid certificate...
posted: Mar 11, 2016  |  views: 3234  |  comments: 0

Do you ‘over’ spoil your child?

Experts are saying over-indulgence is one of the most insidious forms of child abuse. At times, spoiling a child can be appropriate, but how do you know where to draw the line? Consider these three questions when asking yourself if you are ‘over’’ spoiling your child. Do you normally take the path that has the least resentence? We have all been there when your child is having a meltdown in the middle o...
posted: Jan 27, 2016  |  views: 796  |  comments: 0
The importance of socializing your child

The importance of socializing your child

Children learn and grow through their surrounding environments and early interactions with others. You have to remember that children are like little sponges that soak up everything around them. At an early age when given the opportunity to socialize a child with their peers, they will learn how to excel in a collaborative learning environment, while learning skill sets that are vital to their development. Top 3 ...
posted: Jan 22, 2016  |  views: 1181  |  comments: 0
How To Remove Beer Stains and Spills From Carpet: Victoria Carpet Care

How To Remove Beer Stains and Spills From Carpet: Victoria Carpet Care

Step 1 · For large beer stains, work from the outside of stain to the center to prevent spreading. · Blot up beer spills with a white towel or paper towel. · Mix a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of clear hand dishwashing detergent with 1 cup of water. Stir gently. · Apply detergent solution directly to a white cloth. Dampen the carpet fibers in the sta...
posted: Jul 14, 2014  |  views: 970  |  comments: 0
Green Cleaning Tips Using Vinegar: Victoria Carpet Care

Green Cleaning Tips Using Vinegar: Victoria Carpet Care

Here are 12 ways you can use vinegar to help make your home cleaner – and greener! 1. Scour your sink, tub and floors: Blend a quarter cup of baking soda, a tablespoon of liquid soap and enough vinegar to make it a bit creamy and you’ve got a great substitute for chemical scrub cleaners. 2. Clean your counters: Pour white vinegar undiluted on a cloth and freshen up your counters. 3. In the laundry: A qu...
posted: Jul 14, 2014  |  views: 1427  |  comments: 0

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