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Who\'s Afraid? Not Grandma! Who's Afraid? Not Grandma!
My grandson is a brave little soul. At 18 months, Kieran greets most new experiences with a fingers-spread, wide-eyed curiosity. But last week we discovered an environment that he didn’t like. We’d been exploring Gra...
posted: Jul 4, 2016  |  views: 3079  |  comments: 0
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When Mom Goes Green When Mom Goes Green
Over the last year and a half, my three teenagers and two preschoolers have gamely participated in a long list of family “eco-challenges.” We’ve tackled everything from our water and energy consumption, to what we ...
posted: Apr 27, 2011  |  views: 1171  |  comments: 0
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One-Car Family One-Car Family
With 560 cars for every 1,000 people, Canada ranks fifth in the world for car ownership per population—ahead of every G8 country except Italy. If our family of seven were keeping up with the national average, we’d ha...
posted: Mar 31, 2010  |  views: 1625  |  comments: 0
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The Little Things The Little Things
Years ago, when my daughters were on the edge of adolescence, a neglected item of clothing allowed me a moment of time travel. In a burst of spring cleaning, I found one of my old jackets wedged deep in the back of a clo...
posted: Jul 17, 2018  |  views: 453  |  comments: 0
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Where the Wild Things Go Where the Wild Things Go
Every now and then I like to take our wild things (ages three and five) into the wilderness. All right, maybe not the wilderness, but somewhere less tame than our backyard, or the beach around the corner. I like to give ...
posted: May 2, 2012  |  views: 1130  |  comments: 0
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She Says, He Says She Says, He Says
In many ways my brother Matthew and I are opposites. I’m an introvert, he’s an extrovert. I’m drawn to words and stories, he likes numbers and data. I lean to the left, he leans to the right. It’s hardly a surpri...
posted: Mar 30, 2016  |  views: 743  |  comments: 0
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Undriving: Cutting down on car use Undriving: Cutting down on car use
What would it take to get you out of your car—at least some of the time? Would you do it for a wallet-size laminated card with your name on it? These were the questions a Seattle neighbourhood group asked back in 2007....
posted: Feb 25, 2013  |  views: 1162  |  comments: 0
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Words to Live By Words to Live By
In the space of two years, I lost my mother to cancer and became a grandmother for the first time. I was present for my mother’s last breath and my grandson’s first, and both moments marked me in a profound way. M...
posted: Jun 29, 2015  |  views: 1048  |  comments: 0
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Lessons from the Wild Berry Patch Lessons from the Wild Berry Patch
It’s the second day of summer vacation. After a quick breakfast, my two youngest and I head for the steep embankment on the other side of our road. Our quarry this morning is Rubus ursinus, aka the trailing blackberry....
posted: Jul 31, 2015  |  views: 1015  |  comments: 0
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The Art of Unconsumption The Art of Unconsumption
There are times I’m tempted to take a snowplow through my house. I can spend hours tackling the clutter—cleaning, tidying, shoving things into cupboards—but when I turn around five minutes later, the living room fl...
posted: Feb 1, 2012  |  views: 1028  |  comments: 0
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