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Take a look at this month's articles provided by Island Parent Magazine. Each month you'll find new articles with topics on parenting your children of any age. Written largely by local authors, these articles provide some great perspectives related to parenting, both on and off the island.

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City Family, Country Family City Family, Country Family
Oh hey there, city and suburb-dwelling parents. Wise choice to settle your family in an urban zone. On those nights when the idea of making dinner seems impossible, you can have a hot Chinese, Indian, or Italian dinner d...
posted: Mar 27, 2018  |  views: 209  |  comments: 0
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Feelings On Infertility Feelings On Infertility
“Is there anything we should be doing?” I asked the fertility doctor as she scheduled our initial tests. I expected her to tell us to lose weight, eat healthier, take vitamins or partake in a slew of other self-impro...
posted: Mar 27, 2018  |  views: 218  |  comments: 0
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Go Visit Garry Oak Go Visit Garry Oak
Enchanting, diverse, rare, exquisite, unique, endangered, colourful, and national treasure are just some of the words used to describe Garry oak ecosystems. Based on these descriptors, who wouldn’t want to roam this lo...
posted: Mar 27, 2018  |  views: 224  |  comments: 0
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When You\'re Flat on the Floor When You're Flat on the Floor
It was Day 4 of my daughter’s flu. Four nights of “sleep” broken into 20 or 30-minute increments, thanks to the incessant coughing that kept waking her up through the night. I had been mostly homebound all week,...
posted: Mar 27, 2018  |  views: 252  |  comments: 0
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On Shame On Shame
The year my best friend was killed in a work accident, my son was two, his mother and I around 22. As underskilled young parents, we had our share of breakdowns, but I was certain that we could get through anything and w...
posted: Feb 27, 2018  |  views: 1172  |  comments: 0
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Dirty Little Secret Dirty Little Secret
I have written previously about the immense difficulty of processing the loss of half of your kids’ childhoods when you split with their other parent. I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, in therapy working that on...
posted: Feb 27, 2018  |  views: 419  |  comments: 0
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Talking About Substance Abuse Talking About Substance Abuse
As a service provider to youth, young adults and families, one of the common questions I hear from parents and caregivers is around drugs. Namely, what drugs are youth in our communities using, and why. Needless to sa...
posted: Feb 27, 2018  |  views: 306  |  comments: 0
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Back to the Future of Relationships Back to the Future of Relationships
I always begin my parent education sessions by asking participants to reflect on their own experiences with sexuality and relationships as youth. Aside from a short break from the chaos of today’s world and a way to bu...
posted: Feb 27, 2018  |  views: 300  |  comments: 0
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Resumés 101 Resumés 101
Resumés are hard. And they are even harder when it’s your first kick at the job application process. It’s hard to tease out your skills and abilities when you have little to no professional experience, hard to artic...
posted: Feb 27, 2018  |  views: 289  |  comments: 0
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No Words No Words
There comes a point in a child’s life when his fears of monsters and scary dreams turn into fears that reflect the reality of the world. It can come as a great shock to a child to realize that there is such a thing as ...
posted: Jan 29, 2018  |  views: 449  |  comments: 0
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