Well I am here to write a little bit about being a drain service contractor, and a parent. This is something I have been struggling to master for the past 15 years, I always wanted to be the best father I could be and now I am here writing a little bit about the things I have not necessarily 'conquered' but have worked through while being a professional in my line of work.

My son comes first, always. That will be 'my way' until the day I leave this planet. Now being in my line of work with the constant evening phone calls and emergency services it has most certainly created an abnormal amount of stress throughout my house hold. I am here writing this article to get a little bit off my chest and also present some value to those who do have to work day in and day out. Getting a service call at 6:00pm when your beautiful wife just served you a plate of homemade stuffing with a delicious side of pasta along with cranberry sauce awaiting my spoon... Well... It doesn't feel fantastic but you know that with the money you are bringing in it may be worth it in the long run, (when it comes to that family vacation). You see, this was my head space for a long time but I am beginning to think more and more about these years that have seemed to fly by. My advice here is to give as much time to your loved ones as humanly possible. If you are struggling in anyway shape or form with this, look and analyze your options. I for instance have looked into hiring a journeyman of my trade to service customers in the evening; yes it is costing me a lot more money, yes I did have to adjust my budget for things accordingly, and yes I would like the extra funds.

What's most important is my family, and the fact that I have been blessed to have one of my own? Wow.

Thanks for your time,