One of my least favourite adult tasks is updating my resume. I have scrupulously honed my ability to concoct other, much more pressing tasks than massaging my CV: hauling out the fridge to vacuum behind it; wiping away that annoying cobweb hanging from the ceiling; organizing my Visa statements; re-organizing my books.

I disliked the task when I didn’t have kids and my time was much more my own. Now I writhe at just the thought of it. I’m currently on maternity leave and the truth is, I feel intimidated about going back to work at all, let alone having to perform reasonably well. Just the other night I managed to leave the house, alone, to go to a yoga class. Once there I discovered my sweater was artfully smeared with my toddler’s current media of choice: cream cheese and snot. That devil-may-care approach to dressing is just not going to fly under the bright fluorescent lights and decidedly un-Zen setting of my cubicle. Today I don’t absolutely have to ensure my hair is in order or my skirt is facing front. In just a few months, I’ll have to look presentable.

Since mulling over going “back” to work—as if I’m not working my pants off during maternity leave—I’ve gotten to thinking that a significant number of my skills are under-represented on my resume. More and more I find the mundane is monumental. I can plan the week’s entire menu during my 72-second child-free nip to the lobby to check my mailbox in the evening. My pre-parenting self would wonder why I would want to plan a week’s worth of lunches and dinners anyway, but now that I’m child-rearing it’s an important part of my life. Household management—ensuring we have healthy meals, an adequate supply of toilet paper and the crayons are sharp—actually offers a wealth of transferable skills.

In this spirit, then, of recognizing the unique, under-recognized and undeniably critical set of skills that parenting requires, I offer this handy phrase converter so you, too, can update your resume and make it more representative of the many talents you have to offer.

Amalia thanks her lucky stars she has a permanent position to return to when her maternity leave ends because it means she technically doesn’t need to spring clean her resume.