SAT is the standardized test administered by the College Board and is essential for every student to take it so as to get the admission in premium undergraduate schools. The Scholastic Assessment Test is essential to evaluate a candidate’s written, verbal and mathematical skills.

Mathematics plays a crucial role in determining your overall SAT score. The exam as three sections which includes reading, writing, and math along with an optional section of essay writing. Math section includes questions on problem-solving, data analysis, the heart of algebra and passport to advanced math.

Heart of algebra accounts for the largest part in the SAT math section and needs to be prepared well for a good SAT score. Heart of algebra includes linear equations, the system of equations, absolute values, graphic linear equation and linear inequalities and system of inequalities. The questions can vary in presentation as it can be multiple choice or grid.

You can be simply presented with an equation to solve or you can be addressed with real word problem which needs you to derive an equation out of it. Whatever be the scenario, you must be very thorough while reading the question and act upon it with patience.

Algebra is all about tables and graphs. Know it well to get correct answers to the questions asked in the algebra section.

It is important to make the problem more concrete. This can be easily achieved by solving hard equations by breaking them down to simpler ones and solving the problem in a creative way.