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Why do I have to get a CarbonCopyPRO Application Kit?

If we didn't have this screening process in place we would literally have thousands of people crawling over each other to get started every week. The CarbonCopyPRO Application Kit helps screen out most of the tire kickers who are not really that serious about starting their own business. It also screens out those looking for a free ride and ensures that we are only dealing with highly qualified and motivated entrepreneurs.

What's INCLUDED with the CarbonCopyPRO Application Kit?

1. "INSIDEOUT" DVD and "Million Dollar Game Plan" workbook ($149.95 value!)

2. Online application to join CarbonCopyPRO

3. Immediate access to FULL PRIVATE web link overviewwhere you will see the revolutionary CarbonCopyPRO BiB (BusinessIn A Box!) and Marketing System

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...Send me an email once you've gone through the private business overview, listened to our live calls, seen our breakthrough videos...and let me know your thoughts, ok? Get your F-R-E-E Application Kit here - Only 24 hours left: web link

I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.

See you on the other side...

P.S. Don't forget... included with your Application Kit is the breakthrough "INSIDEOUT" DVD (a $149 stand alone value). This was filmed to show you the insider secrets to making a five figure monthly income from home in the 21st Century by industry legends Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard - Again complimentary for the next 24hrs only. Get your CarbonCopyPRO Application Kit "on us" here: (Only 24 hours left!)

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