Back to School Safety Tips from Street Smart Kidz
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It's finally here! Parents are dancing in the streets or the Wal-Mart isle's, and kids are moaning and groaning, but grudgingly. I think most of them are looking forward to getting back to school, friends and a little more structure.
I'd like to take some time with you, and share a few thoughts and idea's that will hopefully help you and your family through the hectic "Back to School" rush. I feel it's just as important to keep our kids safe , as it is to keep them supplied for the new year. Not all of these tips will work with every family, but I think most of them can be applied, and will help make this year the best ever.
If you have any questions about this material, you can contact us at anytime at web link , and we will get back to you within 24hrs. Also, we would like to thank Robin and CVK for giving us this opportunity to get our safety message out. Have a great year, and be safe!

1. When purchasing clothing and back packs, make sure you put their names on the inside of the garment. That way a stranger won't appear familiar to your child by calling out their name.
2. Remind your kids not to drink from other kids metal water bottle. This will protect them from everything from colds and flu to meningitis.
3. Remember re: water bottles: metal is in, plastic is out, and put their name on the bottom of the bottle.
4. Do one or two practice runs to school before it officially starts. Point out all the signs along the way, such as crossings, stops, street names and remember to time the trip.
5. Talk about how to cross the road properly at cross walks and controlled crossings, spending lots of time and attention on looking both ways and making eye contact.
6. Parents should start slowing down now in school zones. It's good practice for you, and you will be helping to keep parents and kids safe for those who are starting to do their practice runs now. Also, many
of the RCMP and local Police Departments are in practice mode as well. I saw 2 cars using radar last Friday in a school zone.
7. During your practice run, point out area's you expect your children to stay away from, such as alleys, construction areas, people they don't know, etc
8. If your child is taking the bus back and forth to school, check out "Sparky The Fire Dog" at web link , for outstanding school bus safety tips. Great site for parents, good fun for the younger crowd.
9. PLEASE, please make sure you have practiced the "Back Pack Toss" with your child. You will find the instructions in our Tip of the Week Library, and it really is life saving information.

10. Inside the bottom of each Childs back pack, duct tape a zip-lock bag, with the following information in it, full name, address, emergency contact numbers, cell numbers, and allergies.
11. Have you completed the FREE child I.D. Kit on all of your children, and put it in a safe place. You can print as many as you need, just go to the Street Smart Kidz home page to find the kits.
12. Have you purchased a few ice packs to put in their lunches, it will keep their lunch tasty, fresh and free from bacteria.
13. Make a mental note, or better yet, write down and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you wont forget to check your Childs school information sheet once school opens. New emergency contacts?
New allergies? etc...
14. If you purchase a computer for your child this year, remember, there isn't ONE REASON in the world, why your child needs a computer in their bedroom. NOT ONE ! Put it in the family room.
15. With in the first week of school, you will want a copy of your Childs school Bullying Policy and Visitor Policy. You Need this information! Don't stop asking for it until you receive them. If they cant provide this
information, you now have the perfect reason to join the PTA or PAC, and get involved in writing this desperately needed policy.
16. Also, ask for a copy of the schools emergency policies a) where will students be located? b) when and where will parents be reunited with their children?
17. Have a serious, sit down discussion with your kids about name calling, teasing and bullying. These behaviours often escalate into fist fights or worse. The victim may see extreme violence as the only way to
stop it. Haven't we seen enough of this on CNN ?
18. This is for the parents! It will be hard to do this for the first few weeks, but remember, you are important too! During the mad rush to get the kids in the car, belting them in and double checking they have
everything they need to have a great day, REMEMBER to lock the door on the way out. Burglars also work the day shift, and you don't need a surprise when you get home.
19. If you need to use a commercial day care service for before or after school, check the staff training, child pick up policy, staff to child ratio, check if the playground is safe and get at least 3 references.
20. Practice the "Back Pack Toss" ! I realize I have mentioned this twice, but it truly is that important! IT SAVES LIVES!

Steven Baird
Street Smart Kidz