Dawn Ploegmakers, founder of EmpowermentWealth.com welcomed her newest member Ketan Shukla. Ketan brings a strong entrepreneurial drive to the team and is positioned to reach his income goals of $50,000 a month with Dawn as his mentor and sponsor.

Ketan, when asked how his life would change when he meets this income goal, had this to say “My life would alter for the better DRASTICALLY! I would be able to accomplish all the things that I have ever wanted to but couldn't.

The job that I have, although reputable, doesn’t give me the financial freedom that I am looking for. It also has the inflexibility of the fixed hours and potential overtime that I could be called on short notice. This takes away from my family and social time and puts undue stress on my life.

Meeting the goal of my stated monthly income would really allow me to finally call the shots!.”

Dawn will be in Dallas later this month to attend a conference put on by CarbonCopyPRO and looks forward to being able to share the information she learns at the conference with Ketan to help give him a jump start in the industry. “Ketan is a very driven, ambitious man with a ‘do what it takes’ attitude to meet his goals with success. I have no doubt that he will be able to reach his income goals within his first year.” said Dawn, about her newest team member.

CarbonCopyPRO has just launched their turn key “business in a box” that allows any motivated entrepreneur to take advantage of this powerful marketing system with having to invest a high start up cost. Their unique approach of providing their members with pre-designed websites, auto responders, qualifying filters, and a high quality call center has dramatically increased the general success rate. People with little or no marketing experience are getting results they never thought possible.

Empowerment Wealth is based in Canada and their informational website is
web link.