If you have struggled with getting rid of the fat off your belly then read this article for your solution, as well as an amazing workout program!

I see so many women doing the wrong exercises in the gym all the time! I also get asked about diet pills, weight loss products and other gimmicks that just dont work.

Lets start with the two biggest myths about bellyfat:

1. There is pill you can take that will just get rid of the fat off your belly: like raspberry keytones. raspberry keytones

First there is no supplement that burns fat directly off the belly because you cannot spot reduce. All this supplement claims to be able to do is boost metabolism and release more fatty acids into the bloodstream to be burned. This is all unproven and has never been tested on humans but “suggested” by scientists.

2. You can do crunches to get a flat stomach and get rid of just the fat on your belly:

abdominal crunch Once again you cannot spot reduce with exercise. You will develop a nice six pack underneath all that belly flab but you wont be able to show it off until you reduce your body fat. If you want to loose belly fat, you have to loose body fat over all!
The Two Biggest Reasons Why People Fail:

The number one reason why most women fail at losing bellyfat and hitting their summer goals: is procrastination, laziness and a poor mental attitude about what they believe they can actually achieve.

Every high level athlete or trainer knows that the mind is a powerful thing, and if you combine this into your training you get the best results. This is why during your workout I want you to focus on what you want to achieve, your end results, and how you would feel regardless of your current feeling. The more you can make your goal real, tangible and feel it with every ounce of your being, the faster you will achieve it.

The second reason people fail to lose bellyfat is improper training techniques and not following a diet that will bring out your abs, so here’s my secret workout plan for my summer abs:

The best workout for getting rid of belly fat:

1. You want to maximize your metabolism, so do this plan first thing in the morning as whatever you do in the morning sets your metabolism for the day.

2. You also want to use a combination of intensities of cardio and weight intervals for maximal muscle recruitment to change your body fat mass. You will burn more calories in a shorter period of time than steady-state exercise and will help burn calories throughout the day because of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

Warm up: 5 -10 mins

(please see full at article at janninemurray.com for detailed illustrations of these exercises to make sure you use proper form)

Diet Tips For Losing Bellyfat:

1. Have a small snack right after exercise consisting of carbs and protein, like the other half of your banana and a half scoop of protein

2. Eat 3 meals 2 snacks a day, keeping your meals and snacks no more than 4 hours apart: optimal fat burning hormones to stay in your bloodstream

3. Have breakfast as your biggest meal and dinner your smallest.

4. Try to go to bed hungry every night, you will notice you probably lose a few lbs in one week just by doing this alone. If you get really hungry at night eat whole cucumber and have a bit of protein like some chicken or a protein shake.

5. Cut out complex carbs after 3pm like breads, pasta, crackers, certain starchy veggies like corn, peas and potatoes, and sugary fruits after 3pm. Or all together if you’re really serious!

6. Fill up on fibrous carbs instead like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, kale and chard. If its before 3pm go for sweet potatoes, yams, berries and melons.

7. Cut out dairy: hard on the body’s digestion, gut and other organs that help burn fat, also causes lots of bloating and inflammation.

8. Make sure your elimination system is working properly: GI tract has certain good bacteria that regulate hormone production and metabolism, nutrient absorption and digestion. Taking a good probiotic and getting enough fiber is essential.

9. Eat a diet high in lean proteins, good fats like nuts and seeds and fish oil, lots of veggies and low sugar fruits like melons, berries, apples and pears.

10. Have each meal and snack consisting of a protein, carb and healthy fat(fish, olive, avocado, coconut, hemp oils) for stable blood sugar levels.

11. Prep your digestion with certain raw foods 10 minutes before your meal like 2 stalks of celery, or half an apple: If your digesting all your food you will have less cravings and less bloat

12. Drink tons of water! First thing you should do when waking up is drink 2 glasses, and try and aim for about 8 a day. It should be natural spring water, not treated or processed in any way. Believe it or not but filtered water is just as bad, as this water is acid and actually takes minerals out of your body.

Jannine Murray

Women’s Bootcamps, Personal Training, Victoria BC