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Affinity Coaching

Affinity Coaching

Florie Varga
1711 Westlock Rd
Duncan BC, V9L 5N8

250 709 7063
250 709 7063

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Are you ready to create the change you want in your home?


  • Create space to sort out your thoughts and feelings - before they negatively impact you family
  • Employ new, common sense strategies that really work to create new teen behaviour and better family relationships
  • Build new habits and make progress where you've seen little to no change before
  • Increase confidence in yourself as a parent

  • You’re stuck at start. You have a vision for your family. Yet, you don’t know how to make it happen.  You need a clear picture and an action plan to move forward
  • You’re under siege. You have too many schedules - too many demands. You need more hours in the day. You need to set prioties and create balance
  • You’re frustrated and angry. Your teen is lying and openly defiant. You and your spouse can’t see eye-to-eye on how to parent. You can't help feeling angry. You need support to move past the frustration to develop new strategies that redeem the bad things that have happened
  • Your worried sick. Your teenager is anxious, depressed or withdrawn. They won’t tell you why. You're scared it's drugs, pornography, or bullying, etc. You need support, tools and confidence to connect with your teen

Create a tailored plan based on your particular needs. With the end in mind - we define the outcomes you want for your family. You then take actions to fix what is frustrating you the most.

Through my 6-week program, I provide a fresh perspective on what's not working and apply knowledge, teaching and proven strategies to empower you.


  • In how you feel and act towards your family
  • In your teen's self-view and confidence
  • In how you discipline, to better negotiation and discussion so your teen stays close
  • In more 'real' time spent together, less closed doors, more smiles


  • Your home is more harmonious, you can talk to your teen without getting angry
  • You have built agreements and consequences for homework, chores and technology use
  • You have skills to support your kid with issues around friends, dating, eating habits & anxiety
  • You see a responsible young adult in your midst
  • You are the kind of parent you really want to be

Let's get going - contact me

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