Gorge Soccer Association

Gorge Soccer Association

Gorge Soccer Association

Gorge Soccer Association

Brad Hlasny
258 Hampton Road
Victoria BC, V8Z 1H1


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Gorge Soccer is the oldest full-service soccer club in Victoria area.  We service all ages and all levels of play.  Our membership is 1300 strong with over 90 teams.


  • A community based club providing all of its members with fun, development, and a lifelong passion for the beautiful game.


  • To maintain Gorge Soccer’s long and rich tradition, dedicated to the promotion of life-long soccer for all
  • To provide a wide range of training opportunities for learning and development, skill building and leadership, both on and off the field
  • To demonstrate our commitment to high quality governance and infrastructure for our community from our club members to those partners,  municipal, regional or national
  • To be mindful of the Gorge traditions we inherit and the legacy we create.


  • Fun
  • Development
  • Respect
  • Community Spirit
  • Inclusiveness
  • Perseverance

Why Gorge? and What do we provide? ... 
- Fun! Fun ! Fun! 
- Oldest fully integrated club in BC 
- Tradition, History, Swagger, Community-vibe, Family, and Love 
- Great youth development program
- Fully supportive environment for all players (female, male, LGBTQ+, social, ethnicity, etc.) 
- Central to Greater Victoria / easy access 
- Clubhouse facilities for after game socials, team parties, birthday parties, etc. 
- Supportive & accessible Executive 
- Supporting youth system 
- Social events through the season (e.g. Season open BBQ/games, Valentines Day event, Xmas events, etc) 

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