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A Naturalist\'s Guide to Family Hiking

A Naturalist's Guide to Family Hiking

Nature, family time and fresh air. Sounds pretty good, right? Hiking is a fantastic spring activity for the whole family. It is beneficial for physical and mental health, while also creating life-long memories and connections to the natural world. With spring comes warmer weather, wildflowers and deciduous leaves emerging. What an excellent time to get outdoors. Here are some tips to make the most of your family hike...
posted: May 2, 2019  |  views: 21  |  comments: 0
The Fun (& Philosophy) of Forest Schools

The Fun (& Philosophy) of Forest Schools

Imagine a teacher who inspires continuous wonder and curiosity. A teacher who challenges you to the edge of your physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual knowing, always present and always patient. Imagine a teacher who welcomes your insatiable curiosity and who gives you the space and time to make sense of the world around you. Imagine a teacher who instills all of these preschool skills all whi...
posted: May 2, 2019  |  views: 29  |  comments: 0
Kids Picks...or the Books I Can Recite in My Sleep

Kids Picks...or the Books I Can Recite in My Sleep

In the process of choosing a theme for the May Book Nook, I considered reviewing books that showcase the delightful relationships kids have with their mothers since Mother’s Day is on May 12. But then I thought to myself, my kids probably aren’t going to remember Mother’s Day exists unless I point it out with neon lights. So May really isn’t about me. And if your kids are anything like mine, it’s not about ...
posted: May 2, 2019  |  views: 26  |  comments: 0
Arms  the Boy

Arms the Boy

One afternoon during March Break, my son and I drove across town, parked along a side street and knocked on a stranger’s door. We were greeted by a man I’d met over the Internet. “Leave your shoes on,” he insisted, as though we might need to leave in a hurry. Across his dining room table were strewn a variety of guns: three automatic rifles, a pair of high-powered pistols, magazines of various sizes. “Do...
posted: May 2, 2019  |  views: 43  |  comments: 0
Reasons to Love Lentils

Reasons to Love Lentils

If you are looking for a way to get more vegetarian protein choices into your diet, then why not try lentils? They are very versatile and easy to add to most any dish. Reasons to love lentils: • They are super healthy for you. High in fiber, iron and other vitamins and minerals. • Lentils are lower in starch and have more protein than beans. • Dried lentils don’t need soaking, so they are a really e...
posted: May 2, 2019  |  views: 40  |  comments: 0

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