IMAX Victoria

IMAX Victoria

IMAX Victoria

675 Belleville St
Victoria BC, V8W 1A1


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IMAX is the ultimate film experience!

With crystal clear images and wraparound digital surround sound IMAX Victoria lets you feel like you're really there. Six stories high and 81 feet wide, the screen pulls you into the excitement!

 Over 4 million people locally and almost a billion people around the world have been spellbound by the force and beauty of The IMAX Experience. Technically advanced and visually stunning, it is the most powerful and immersive movie experience in the world.

 Through IMAX climb the daunting heights of Everest. Experience the weightlessness of space. Dive into the undersea world to see incredible creatures. Get behind the wheel of a racing car going 200mph. Travel into exciting science fiction worlds.

Our 45 minute films play hourly with full length Hollywood features playing in the 7pm or 8pm timeslot as available. Check out the Now Playing and Coming Soon sections of the IMAX Victoria website for films now playing that are sure to entertain and educate your whole family at

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