Carrot Seed Preschool

Carrot Seed Preschool

Carrot Seed Preschool

Carrot Seed Preschool

Tanya Burnett
813 Claremont Ave
Victoria BC, V8Y 1J9


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Play Paves the Way!

Carrot Seed Preschool has been open since 1988 and boasts one of the most treasured outdoor spaces in Victoria. Our program is a teacher supported and child directed play program which fosters self confidence and independence.

At Carrot Seed we love and encourage curiosity in children.  We help guide the children as they seek out answers to thier questions and encourage them to “ask why” as often as they like.  Our teachers pay close attention to the interests of the children and provide environment and materials that capture the children’s imagination and allows them to learn the most natural way – through play.


Discover a place where children can
Wonder - Discover - Imagine- Explore
Create and Learn through Play!

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