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Different Kinds of Attention

Different Kinds of Attention

Negative attention can take many forms, but one of them is allowing your child to take you away from something that is important to you. While positive engagement is crucial to our children’s development, passive or negative engagement achieves the opposite. Children who seek constant attention are not content, as their sense of worthiness relies on it. When a child succeeds in getting a parent to respond to his or...
posted: Nov 29, 2019  |  views: 104  |  comments: 0
Getting Help for Anxiety

Getting Help for Anxiety

My son Angus was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder last winter during his psychoeducational assessment. It wasn’t a surprise. Angus has always been an anxious kid, with a long list of fears and worries. They shape our daily life: the predictability of our routines, our avoidance of overwhelm, time spent helping him reframe his fears, breathing techniques and bedtime mindfulness meditation. I was an a...
posted: Nov 29, 2019  |  views: 122  |  comments: 0
The \'Dead\' of Winter

The 'Dead' of Winter

The cold weather has arrived along with the need to grab an extra sweater in the morning, frost glistening on spider webs, and of course, crunchy leaves decorating the ground. As a young child I never thought too hard about where the leaves end up after playtime was over. My family would rake them up, package them into a large bag then bring them to the compost center. But what about all of the leaves that were no...
posted: Nov 29, 2019  |  views: 109  |  comments: 0
Navigating the Holidays

Navigating the Holidays

People often ask, “How important is it to maintain some kind of routine over the holiday season?” Eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping active is always important but it becomes even more so during the holidays. Holiday parties, children’s activities and shopping make the holidays a busy time. It is easy to become tired, stressed out and run down. Maintaining a routine can help to prevent burnout and ke...
posted: Nov 29, 2019  |  views: 117  |  comments: 0
Just the Way We Are

Just the Way We Are

My oldest son started kindergarten this year. Leading up to his first day there was some excitement and some nerves on both of our parts. He was excited to learn and worried about how he would do, being away from me for so long. I was excited for him to go and have fun, but I was worried about whether or not he would be accepted. I think my son is great. He’s lovely, considerate, funny, and fun to be around. But...
posted: Nov 29, 2019  |  views: 98  |  comments: 0

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