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City: Victoria
Province: BC
Occupation: Realtor

about Arran McLellan

Arran McLellan was born in Ladysmith, BC, and has spent much of his adult life in Victoria, BC. Arran has always had a passion to continuously improve his knowledge and understanding of real estate. Arran enjoys providing the knowledge and tools people need in order to make an informed real estate decision.

Arran is a Two Time World Record Holder, establishing the Guinness World Records for most step ups completed in one hour with a 40 lb pack doing 1,805 stepups onto a 15" step as well as most step ups in 8hrs completing 8898 steps.

Arran has excellent relationship building and customer service skills due to owning a business for the last 6 years. Arran has always had an interest in homes due to his construction background.

Arran is looking forward to being an asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a house by providing an excellent customer service experience and drawing from my network of clients and friends to get the job done.

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