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City: Victoria
Province: BC
Occupation: Non-profit
Website: www.victorialeadershipawards.ca/

about Leadership Victoria

We are here to develop, support, and celebrate leaders who are passionately engaged in building a vibrant, healthy community.

What makes a community great? Our people! When people from many walks of life come together to build something new, protect something we love, or overcome a challenge, THAT is what makes a strong community.

We need people who are willing, confident, and capable to step forward into leadership roles. We're going through a demographic shift, seeing a new generation take on the mantle of workplace leaders, while the Baby Boomers move into their "second act" (or sometimes their third or fourth!). Leadership Victoria offers hands-on, face-to-face learning opportunities to help all emerging leaders grow into their new roles. We also love to celebrate their success!

Our flagship program is the "Community Leadership Development Program" -- a nine-month learning experience which combines face-to-face learning days with a hands-on Community Action Project, where you apply your leadership skills in a team that creates a project which has lasting, tangible benefit for the community. There are over 320 graduates of this program, and 50+ Community Action Projects out there in Greater Victoria.

We also offer "Leading in Community Workshops" which are half-day skills training opportunities for people who want to get more out of their volunteer work in committees, boards, councils, projects, etc.

Each year, Leadership Victoria also partners with UVic, the Victoria Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Victoria (as well as a handful of outstanding sponsors) to celebrate our region's wonderful community leaders at the Victoria Leadership Awards.

Visit us on the web at web link
Find us on Facebook as facebook.com/leadershipvictoria
Follow us on Twitter as @leadershipvicbc

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