June / July 2021

Whether you decide to venture a little farther or stay close to home this summer, Vancouver Island offers endless possibilities to explore. Feel like camping? Most campgrounds are open. Provincial and national parks, too. Most museums, galleries and local attractions are back in business. Beaches are beckoning, lakesides, too. Feel like a hike? You’re in luck. Most trails, for ambling, hiking and biking are open. So let’s get going!
No matter what you have planned this summer—or what just happens—we hope this issue helps you have a great time. In these pages, you’ll find information on enjoying the ‘little things’ this summer, the importance of spending time together, how to survive—and thrive—this summer, numerous Vancouver Island activities and attractions, places to explore, enjoying the fruits of summer, walking trails suited to families, places to see animals, good summer reads, how to foster creativity and much more. Check out what’s happening at the Royal BC Museum and don’t forget the Summer Calendar with highlights of what’s happening on the Island in June and July.
Whatever you decide to do, just remember to factor in enough time to relax and enjoy each other’s company and our beautiful surroundings.

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