Live Green in Your Yard & Garden This Summer

The blossoms are out, the days are long and summer is in full swing across the capital region.

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Warm weather has most residents spending even more time outdoors in their yards and gardens and so it’s important to remember that what you do at home can impact the natural environment around you.  

There are simple things all of us can do to save water, prevent pollution and help native plants animals thrive—and natural gardening can help you save time and money too. 

Here are a few ideas to help you make your yard or garden an environmentally-friendly space for kids, pets, wildlife and local waterways this summer:

–       Use water wisely 

–       Consider letting your lawn go golden 

–       Plant native species to help local animals, birds and pollinators thrive 

–       Stop the spread of harmful invasive species 

–       Prevent pollution from entering streams and waterways 

No matter how big your yard or balcony is, these tips can help support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems across our region.

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