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    As someone trying to resolve a family law issue, there are ways to help yourself, your children and other loved ones. 

    Any family law issue you’re dealing with, whether it’s negotiating parenting arrangements, addressing family safety, using mediation and/or arbitration, seeking divorce and property division, finalizing adoption and surrogacy arrangements, or anything else, you can take control of your situation by seeking help from the right legal professionals. 

    At Brown Henderson Melbye (BHM Lawyers), we understand the difficulties that come with family issues, and the emotional strain that these can cause, whatever the nature. We will work with you to minimize conflict and encourage a communicative approach between yourself and the other parties involved. It is important to us that, as much as possible, you and the other parties involved focus on repairing the relationship between you and what has broken down as a result of conflict, and move towards a final resolution of the outstanding matters.

    At BHM Lawyers we provide comprhensive family law services and do our utmost to achieve the best results for our clients.

    Our legal services can help people who are:

    • separating or divorcing, and need to sort out financial affairs and/or parenting arrangements;
    • entering a new relationship and want to find an arrangement to provide for your children upon your death or address how property will be divided should you separate in the future;
    • in need of help mediating estate decisions affecting elders or children; or
    • adopting a child or using fertility options such as surrogacy, sperm or egg donation. 

    Our team will provide effective and supportive counsel, and help you overcome any issues or queries about your case. Whether you’re looking for legal guidance, urgent court action, help with mediation or negotiation,  parent coordination services or anything else, we can assist you and advise you throughout your case.

    For more information about our team and staff can be found on our website at:

    When stress levels are running high, decision-making can be challenging, so it’s useful to have a professional on your side to help you assess your options. 

    Our view on the practice of family law is simple: our clients form the core of the work we do. We focus on providing clients with the tools and knowledge needed to help them find a solution that works for them and their family.

    FAMILY LAW – It’s all we do. 

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