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    Box 250 (1148 Smith Road)

    Crofton, BC
    V0R 1R0
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    About Camp Qwanoes

    Qwanoes is a youth-focused high adventure Christian camp that exists to love kids to life like no other, helping them discover, live and share life like no other in Christ. Founded in 1966, Qwanoes is an ideal place for fun-filled, life-changing experiences.

    Situated on 55 acres of magnificent scenic waterfront property on Vancouver Island between Victoria and Nanaimo, Qwanoes is a fully-accredited member of the BC Camping Association and Christian Camping International-Canada. As a Christian camp, we take principles of the Bible and make them relevant to everyday life.

    From over 75 activities to quality staff, we are committed to providing the best experience to our guests…and we would love to welcome you here!

    “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” –Jesus (John 10:10)

    • Qwanoes is a member of:
    • BC Camping Association, Christian Camping International, Fellowship of Christian Camps in BC, Association for Challenge Course Technology, BC Water Ski & Wakeboard Association, and Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

    Life Like No Other Awaits!

    Wild action and pure fun, sun-soaked days, friends, great food, and all in a spectacular setting. What makes a week at Qwanoes so special? We love kids! And we’re built from the ground up for kids to experience an unforgettable life-changing week. Step out of the everyday and soar into another world!

    From wakeboarding and archery to mountain boarding and the Sky-Scraper…there’s over 75 activity options to choose from! And our staff team can’t wait to make your week a blast. From crazy games to great music, pure raw fun awaits. What’s holding you back…touch the sky and soar beyond!

    Life-lasting and life-changing! Something very special happens in a week. A certain bond that’s hard to describe…but even harder to forget. Experience real love and acceptance by people who really care, all in a safe place where you can be you.
    Be changed. Be inspired! Gain foundations for life, values that will guide, and memories that will inspire! Grow in a relationship with a life-changing Christ. Your experience has changed you and stays with you long after the summer is over.
    This crazy and caring group are your friends, instructors, and leaders. Their enthusiastic spirit is contagious and their involvement in your life will change you. They can’t wait to share a week with you and make it one that lasts forever!
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