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    At Fierce, we offer a vibrant community that welcomes men, women and children into a space designed for growth, learning, fitness, friendship and fun. Fierce is like one big family, and we pride ourselves on the warm community of great people who make it what it is today.

    At Fierce, we offer martial arts, yoga, kickboxing, and circuit training programs and we are open 7 days a week. We have drop in programs as well as seminars, workshops and pre-registered sessions.

    All of our drop in classes are co-ed, however we also have an 8 week Women’s Only Self Defense program that is perfectly suited for mothers and daughters to take together. This program is successful in providing women with: basic tools to assess surroundings, learning to walk with awareness, understanding and applying basic defense techniques and escapes to assist in self protection situations. This is a great beginner platform for those interested in learning more about self defense.
    Do you have a child that is being bullied in school or struggles to stand up for him or herself at the playground? Or perhaps you want to get your child involved in something to improve their confidence, discipline and listening skills, while building coordination and a healthy body image? In our Little Dragons and Fierce Kids Jiu Jitsu programs, we provide a safe and fun learning atmosphere, building self esteem, courage and goal setting skills for children of all levels and abilities. Kids will develop an understanding of respect, cooperation and leadership while learning with their peers about the martial art of jiu jitsu. Progression occurs for kids committed to the program as they obtain stripes on their belts and eventually are able to test for coloured belts along the way. 

    In addition to our traditional led class offerings, we also have a fantastic HIT TO FIT circuit training program that will provide you with a full body workout in just 30 minutes! This program was created by Sandy Ibrahim, a local business owner and mother of two, who saw the need to create a functional fitness offering for people that was both FAST and EFFECTIVE. This program is perfect for those with a busy schedule, and for those who want to get in shape without spending hours at the gym! Beginners are encouraged to attend!

    For the month of May, we are honouring MOMS and offering a special just for you : ) Sign up for a one year HIT TO FIT membership ($50/month), and receive one month FREE and a pair of FREE boxing gloves! (Offer is valid until May 31st, or while supplies last.)

    For more details about our program offerings, please check out our website at, or call us at 250.590.5065. First Fierce class is always free, so come on by-we are waiting for you!

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