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    Our Summer Active Living Guide is out and we are open for summer registration!

    PRESCHOOL through Gordon Head Recreation Centre

    Open House on January 26th 10:30am-12:00pm

    E.C.O Program (Educating Children Outside)

    This 10 month preschool program, which takes place

     predominantly outdoors, will help develop preschoolers’
    innate curiosity and desire to learn by exploring the
    natural world.

    A play based, child-centred emergent curriculum will
    help build imagination, self-confidence and resiliency 
    while developing a healthy connection with community
    and the natural world.


     Swan Lake        

    at Elk/Beaver Lake
    What a wonderful time of year to 
    introduce your little one to our beautiful
    natural environment!
    Call 250- 475-7100
    for details about this program.

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    Come explore with us! Themes that are inspired by your
    child’s interests, with a focus on outdoor play,
    stories, science, arts and crafts, music, drama
    and dance.
    We offer a developmentally appropriate,
     play-based program with an emphasis
    on the whole child’s development.
    This fosters growth in each child’s emotional,
    social, and physical well-being.

     Contact us
     at 250-475-7100 for information.


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