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    WOW! That is the first word out of most kids’ mouths when they walk into the IMAX® Theatre, and the word most often repeated throughout their visit. 

    IMAX® Victoria features state-of-the-art IMAX 4K Laser projection technology to fill the Biggest Screen in BC coupled with an immersive 12-channel sound system – Bigger is really just the beginning!

    Through the power of IMAX®: Explore remote locations around the world. Experience the weightlessness of space. Dive into the undersea world to see incredible creatures. Travel into exciting science fiction worlds.

    Whether you choose to see a traditional IMAX film or an evening Hollywood Feature film, in 2D or in 3D, you will leave the theatre knowing that you’ve just seen something special. You’ve seen the science of cinema raised to the level of magic!

    Our 45 minute films play hourly with full length Hollywood features playing in the evening. Visit the Now Playing and Coming Soon sections of the website for films that are sure to entertain and educate your whole family at

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