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    Jennifer’s Music Studio offers general music classes for children ages newborn through 4 years old as well as piano-based classes for children ages 3 1/2 through 10 years old.  There’s a class for every age and every personality!

    Music Pups Family Music Time (Newborn-4 year olds):
    Unleash your child’s musical potential! Come join us for 10 weeks of fun-filled classes of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play in mixed-age classes designed to stimulate a lifelong understanding and enjoyment of music for children with their parents/caregivers.  Songbook & CD included, with new award-winning music by The Music Class® every session! Parents/caregivers attend with their child learning how to enhance their child’s lifelong understanding and enjoyment of music. The library of 11 CDs allows your family to enjoy class for almost three years with all new music each session. Mixed age classes are developmentally appropriate and allow siblings to enjoy class together. Please note, sibling pricing is available and siblings of registered students who are under 9 months of age on the first day of class may attend the session for free.

    Sunrise Pre-keyboarding Music Class (3-4 year olds):
    An exciting and innovative pre-school music program for children 3 through 4 years old. Through singing, rhythm and listening activities, children are introduced to the exciting world of music. This specially developed music curriculum includes stories, songs and games. The group encourages listening awareness, development of fine motor skills, and social interaction while helping to develop attention span and confidence. Sunrise is a “pre-keyboarding” class that creates a strong foundation for children who are interested in moving towards a Music for Young Children piano class.  You won’t want to miss it!

    Sunshine Piano Class (3 1/2-4 year olds):
    This beginners keyboard program includes large muscle experiences in beat and rhythm as well as fine motor experiences in rhythm instrument ensemble playing. By the end of the first year, Sunshines are playing in C major and middle C positions and are reading from the staff. Fun pre-reading experiences – such as like and different sorting, looking for patterns with colorful visual aids, gluing and coloring – are part of the program.

    Sunbeams Piano Class (5-7 year olds):
    This keyboard program for kindergartners and first graders provides “big kid” lyrics to introduce concepts, finger numbers and keyboard geography. Songs and games are used to encourage and reinforce listening. Children will master the music alphabet from A to G, read two octaves of notes from the staff, and play C major and G major scales with primary chord accompaniment.

    Moonbeams Piano Class (8-10 year olds):
    Moonbeams want “quick results” and the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire are designed to support their growing sense of independence. The listening activities for this age group keep the “ears open” even as reading becomes the primary focus for gathering information. Children master the music alphabet from A to G, read over two octaves of notes from the staff, and play C major, G major, D major, F major, A minor and E minor scales with primary chord accompaniment.

    Information about classes (including the teaching schedule and costs) is available on our website at  If you wish to “try a class” before registering, please contact Jennifer Yuen at 250.380.1189 or [email protected] with your name, phone number and age of your child(ren).  We will contact you with details about classes available to visit.  Please note that all MYC programs are guardian-participation so children attending classes must be accompanied by an adult

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