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    Landmark Book Redefines Emergency Preparedness

    Learn to prepare, respond, and return home safely from any disaster ….all in one book!

    This guide makes preparing simple and straightforward. You don’t have to sift through countless websites and brochures to find the information and guidance you require. Everything you need to get ready, respond, and return home safely is laid out here in seven steps—total emergency preparedness without the guesswork.

    This book combines the latest research, science-based evidence, and practical lessons learned, with the author’s thirty-plus years of experience in disaster management, public health, and survival techniques. Also included are simple checklists, shopping lists to make preparing easy.

    Learn these important skills:

    • communicate and reunite with your family after a disaster
    • safely shelter in your home and evacuate
    • assemble essential items for your family’s needs
    • prepare your home for any disaster to prevent injury and reduce loss
    • properly manage hygiene and sanitation, and live without electricity
    • collect and sanitize water in an emergency
    • respond to disaster and return home safely
    • reduce the emotional effects of a disaster on your family
    • ……and so much more!

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    About the Author

    Kim Fournier, CD, MA, has a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained through her thirty-five-year career in disaster management, community outreach, health, public education, survival preparedness and response, and international, interdisciplinary, and humanitarian operations. Kim lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

    Here’s what people are saying ….

    From the Mayor of Fort McMurray, Alberta

    “Hello Kim. I just wanted to send my thanks to you for the excellent 7 Steps to Emergency Preparedness for Families. It is one I now everyone here could have used before our big wildfire in 2016! While its too late for that one, we are still dealing with the aftermath which your book covers as well. I think you have done a fantastic job, even including getting official media vs social media messaging and promoting the psychosocial effects, or in my slang, Mental Health Matters!” Mayor Melissa Blake

    “This book is exactly what we, and other families, need. It is to-the-point, practical, and thoroughly useful.”  Kirk Mohamed

    “A complete and comprehensive family resource.  It covers all the essential measures to assist a family prepare for, respond to and recover from a major emergency or disaster.  The strategies outlined are clear and provide protective measures that have been well tested and tried. The book would serve as a very appropriate gift at any time of the year.” Marion Boon, RN, OHNC, Optimum Emergency Management Inc

    “Great book, …simple, logical and very useful. Most of the stuff in here should be taught in schools. Will be great for the kids and their families.” Jerimiah

    “Well-written, clear, concise guide that presents an easy step-by-step method to preparedness.
    It contains all the info needed for minor or major events. The author has shared credible information, based on first hand experience and knowledge in disaster management”. Anonymous Amazon purchaser

    “Our family is actively implementing the step-by-step guide to be prepared for any emergency. Our thanks to the author for this wonderful, timely, easy-to-follow resource!” Emily Chapman

    Extremely important information. It can ease anxiety during emergencies which is extremely important. Well outlined and easy to read. Author knows her subject and conveys it in a very practical way. Dr. Hegillman

    Excellent reference book. Individuals, organizations, municipal council, and government at all levels interested and invested in disaster management and emergency preparation for natural and catastrophic disasters, must be aware of the information in this excellent reference book. Alain Lapierre

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