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    LIFE Seminars offers individual phone coaching for parents at an affordable cost to get you on track or guide you through the course materials.  

    Dr. Allison Rees can be hired to speak to parents at an event for various lengths of time from an hour to a weekend.  She is also available for Pro-D Days to present her workshop titled, Front End Teaching.
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    LIFE Seminars offers the following courses:

    Course Descriptions for Spring 2011 – Allison Rees, LIFE Seminars

    The eight week, Wednesday evening courses are the most comprehensive of all the seminars that LIFE has to offer.  For 25 years these courses have attracted over 100 people at a time.  Parents work through the course material hearing weekly lectures by Allison Rees and by participating in small educational group discussions which are led by seasoned group leaders.  With humour and a real life approach the LIFE team keeps it fun and informative.  If you can attend both Sidestepping the Power Struggle and The Parent Child Connection, you will have learned what all parents need to know.

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    Under eight week courses click the Introduction Booklet – all of the details are outlined there! 


    The Parent Child Connection
    Seven week evening courses start, April 27
    th and go to June 8th (with one week off March 23rd for spring break). 
    Wednesday Evenings 7:00 to 9:30

    Spectrum School – register at Pearkes Recreation Center

    This course provides parents with insight into who their child is and how they need to be parented rather than going with a cookie cutter method.  It starts off with a two hour presentation on temperament.  Week by week valuable subjects will be covered to help parents come to a better understanding of how to deal with difficult behaviors.  As the course progresses it will help parents create a personal vision of effective discipline and how to guide their children to become responsible, caring people.  Supported by the LIFE team, you are sure to finish this course having fewer power struggles with your children and more harmony in your home.  

    LIFE with a Teenager  (2 classes) Fall 2011

    At some point we get fired as the general manager of our children and that usually happens in the teen years. If we can keep our connection strong there is a good chance that we will get hired back on as a consultant. How do we deal with the new meaning of the word trust? What do consequences look like when our kids are taller than us? How can we maintain personal dignity while being dismissed as somebody who knows nothing? Boundaries, resolving conflict and self-care are the primary focus of this workshop. 

    Monterey Center  250-370-7300
    LIFE with a Preschooler (2 classes)  Fall 2011

    Preschoolers present some bewildering behavoirs in both parent and child! Who prepared you for this experience and how many people do you think are sitting in the sidelines judging your parenting skills?  Our children’s temperaments are on high gear during the preschool years and understanding their behavior is the most important part of parenting at this time.  This workshop will focus on behavior, expectations and strategies to deal with daily issues such as; mealtime, bedtime and getting out of the house in one piece.

    Gordon Head Recreation Center 250-475-7100

     Daytime Classes:
    The Oakland’s classes will run again in the fall. Stay tuned…. 

    Sidestepping the Power STruggle
    Tuesday Afternoons, 12:30 to 2:30,
    October to November

    Daytime classes at Oakland’s Community Center!!!!

    2827 Belmont Avenue
    Victoria, BC V8R4B2
    (250) 370-9101

    Finally, A daytime workshop!  This very popular eight week course hasn’t been offered through the day for at least ten years.  Sidestepping the Power Struggle is a practical, hands-on course for parents and professionals dealing with children of any age. Allison explains why your children act like they do giving you tools to work with your own child and his or her unique temperament. Covering effective discipline and teaching children to take on responsibility, this course takes the guess work out of parenting. 

    Oakland’s Community Center 250-370-9101


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