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    Vision and learning go hand in hand.  Over 70% of incoming sensory information is visual in nature, and 70-90% of classroom learning is visual.

    Tracking and other visual problems are often not evaluated during testing for learning disabilities.


    We use our vision to gather information and coordinate our bodies. This applies to everything from taking in information about our environment, recognizing objects and forms, coordinating our eyes while reading, determining exactly where to shoot a basketball, or even how to move a pencil through the shapes of letter. If there are skills lacking anywhere within this process it can create an unnecessary barrier that can result in lack of interest, poor performance, and even behavioral issues.

    If your child is struggling at all in school, it is important to rule out underlying visual conditions.  Call now to book (250) 590-7384.

    At McCrodan Vision Development, we specialize in the testing and treatment of visual deficits that can interfere with reading and learning. These deficits can often masquerade as reading or learning disabilities. Unfortunately, most treatment and learning support centers around learning to cope, as opposed to treating the underlying issue. With the proper treatment, we have helped kids go from not reading to above average, from suspected attention deficit to a pleasure in the class room, and from unhappy and struggling to proud and successful. Read some of our success stories here.

    To see a great example of two side by side readers (one with visual deficits but who can see 20/20), click here

    Our goal at McCrodan Vision Development is to provide an in depth examination of the visual process, and offer treatment options when necessary. At McCrodan Vision Development we treat the visual system as a whole. We refuse to cut corners in the care of our patients.


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