Nightingale Preschool / Junior Kindergarten

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    1340 Balmoral Rd, Victoria BC, V8R 1L7

    Victoria, BC
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    Nightingale Preschool is Victoria’s only ‘learning through play’ and academic programme. The preschool curriculum planning is within the framework of the Early Learning Goals in Britain, and The Foundation Stage.

    The ‘Early Learning Goals’ have been created to help teachers, care givers and parents educate young children in a positive, relevant and exciting way.

    The ‘Foundation Stage’ is a stage of education for children from 3-5 years. The Foundation Stage curriculum is based on the recognition that children learn best through play and active learning.

    At Nightingale we aim to provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment, catering to each individual’s needs. We encourage children to become independent learners and to discover learning is fun through both structured and spontaneous activities. The children are encouraged to respect each other and the preschool environment.

    The children follow a carefully planned curriculum that promotes all areas of development. Learning is through play and first-hand experiences, which increase understanding and progress language competence. Children are encouraged to be creative, to experiment, and to explore and investigate materials.

    Centres are divided into supported learning areas; the construction, role play and home area, the book corner, the sand and water play area, the maths area, the creative and writing area, the clay and dough area, the small world play, and the language and literacy area.

    We believe that quality is best achieved by recognizing the skills and expertise of our staff, and a strong commitment to their personal and professional development. The teachers are continually striving to improve the experiences offered to children in order for them to learn and develop throughout their preschool years.

    If you would like more information or a tour of the preschool, please call us at 595-7544 and ask for Tronie Brown, our Director.

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