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    OSM Fencing Club

    Contact Information
    1359 Mckenzie Ave
    Braefoot Community Association, Main Hall 2nd Floor
    Saanich, British Columbia

    Detailed Information

    Looking for a new sports adventure? Get started with fencing! OSM Fencing provides structured lessons, personal training, club membership, tournaments, and lots and lots of fun for all ages! Fencing is a fun and exciting way of developing and improving hand eye coordination, balance, spatial awareness, patience, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. All equipment is provided as part of our Beginner Program and as part of our membership fee.

    New to fencing?
    Register for our: Group Beginner Program, Private Beginner Program
    Programs: Youth Beginner Program (5-10yo), Teen & Adult Beginner Program (11+), Private Beginner Program (5+)

    Fenced before?
    Join as a member and practice with other experienced fencers.

    Want to compete?
    Schedule one-on-one training with the coach and get ready for the next tournament.

    How much?
    Group Beginner Program – $150.00
    Private Beginner Program – $640.00
    Club Membership – $50.00/month

    Register Now!

    Want to know more?
    Contact us at: [email protected](778) 679-4953

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