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    Traditional healthcare reacts to illness, but it’s not good enough to be not sick. At Sprout, we focus on treatment that optimizes for illness prevention and longevity. And we do it all with heart, warmth, and a bit of whimsy.


    Family Care

    Sprout provides access to a team of healthcare experts led by a Nurse Practitioner. We’re designed for young families with growing kids and are here to help you meet your family’s health goals with proactive and timely healthcare.

    An Exceptional Team

    Nurse Practitioners assess, diagnose, and treat medical issues. They can prescribe medications, order laboratory and diagnostic tests, and initiate referrals to specialists. At Sprout, our NPs take a proactive approach with comprehensive annual checkups, counselling on longevity, and preventative health. All with a special focus on paediatrics and adolescence.

    Our health navigator is your guide. When you have a quick health question or need immediate support, you now have a registered nurse on speed dial.

    Our physical, functional, and mental health experts are here for you, too. They are ready to assess, diagnose, advise, and triage to support your family to thrive in every domain of health. They will guide you down the best path to support your particular concern and may suggest further investigation (such as X-rays or imaging), offer individualized progressions and resources, or connect you with an external specialist in case more support, such as ongoing therapy or rehabilitation, is needed.

    Flexible Appointments

    Sprout is based in Victoria, BC and offers phone, video, and in-person visits. Convenience for our members is key. We’ll do our very best to meet you when and where you need us to be.

    A Little Something Extra

    Our membership gives your family more than access to a specialized team. We offer a growing list of extras, including developmental milestone checks, annual Dexa body composition scans, immunizations for kids and adults, a parenting coach, referrals to women’s health and other specialists and for diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds. We’ve also partnered with Earlybird to offer free access to their parenting app, full of play ideas and research-backed resources to support your child’s development.

    Taking Care of Your Medical Needs

    We understand that not everyone has access to a family doctor. With Sprout, it’s within our Nurse Practitioner’s scope of practice and duty of care to take care of your medical needs if it’s required. And we’re happy to do so. We don’t charge an additional fee for this care. Nor do we bill MSP for these services (or for anything offered through Sprout).

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