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    Kids Art Classes
    Feb. 28th – April 30th, 7 weeks session
    (no classes during Spring Break due to Art Camp!)

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    Kids Art Classes, ages 2-5, 6-10 and Teens 11-16!

    The classes for all students are once a week for a semester. The classes focus on may different mediums and techniques. For ages 2-5 and 6-10 the students complete one project per class, with a perticular technique in mind.  In the classes for ages 11-16 the students spend a few classes completeing projects in mediums such as acrylic painting, watercolour painting, drawing and sculpture! There is at least a half hour between classes for a relaxed feel in the studio and comfortable transition. The classes for 2-5 year olds are one hour in length, including a story at the end of class.  The classes for students ages 6-16 are one and  half hours long and have a short break mid-way through the class to admire each other’s art, and have snacks!

    Ages 2 – 5 years, Each class $17 + hst

    Ages 6 – 16 years, Each class $20 + hst

    Parent & Child Classes, Each class $30 + hst

    Homeschool Classes, Each class $20 + hst

    Class schedule at the bottom of the page with the photos!

    Spring Break Art Camps

    March 14 – 18th, Cartooning & Comic Book Making 

    Ages 6-10 years, 9-12pm & Ages 11-16 years 1-4pm

    March 20 – 25th, Watercolour & Acrylic Painting

    Ages 6-10 years, 9-12pm & Ages 11-16 years 1-4pm

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