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    Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts

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    618 Yates St.

    Victoria, BC
    V8W 1K9
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    Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts is pleased to announce our much anticipated Children’s Programs

    We encourage children to explore their imaginations and gain confidence, self esteem and stronger communication skills as they work together on expression and characterization!

    ~~ Summer Kids Camps in August ~~


    Let your kids ACT OUT this Summer! 

    We offer the following three camps:
    All camps 10:00AM – 3:30PM

    • The Actor’s Toolbox
      Aug.  5 – 9    (Ages  9 – 12 )
      Cost: $218.40 ( Includes HST ) 

    Participants will be introduced to the actor’s process of developing a character for performance.  Using scripts from established playwrights, participants will explore a variety of methods used by professional actors to bring a script to life – all within a fun and supportive environment.  The final class will include a presentation of the week’s work.

    • Performance Creation
      Aug. 12 – 16 (Ages 13 – 15 )
      Cost: $218.40 ( Includes HST) 

    This course will introduce participants to a variety of tools used for the creation of an original performance.  Working from a single point of inspiration, participants will collectively explore the roles of playwrights, actors, designers, and directors as they devise their own original new work.  As an ensemble, participants will explore and develop their own unique creative voice.  

    • Page to Stage
      Aug. 19 – 23 (Ages  6 – 8 )
      Cost: $218.40 ( Includes HST ) 

    This class will give kids the opportunity to bring a popular children’s story to life. Participants will explore character and story through movement, voice, and improvisation.  At the end of the week, the students will perform an original staging of their chosen book – taking the story from the page to the stage.

    You may register 
    online or by email.

     NOTE:  You must register in advance of the start date if you wish to participate.              We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque.

    Space is limited register now! 

    *All classes are held at 618 Yates St.
    *Parents can resister at our website ( or by mail.

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