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    Twenty-first century children are growing up in a crazy-paced world, stresses of busy home life, over stimulating media and toys. But this is the reality. So, at Victoria Montessori, we try to create harmony and the right balance – we try to cultivate self-awareness, confidence and calm amid the “moving sea of chaos”.

    At preschool age, children’s imagination is vivid, so providing a prepared environment with purposeful activities and materials helps children to focus their attention, and enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere, not a regimented one.

    The child is actively involved and learns through all the senses, cultivating his/her curiosity. Repetitive exercises bring discipline and success, and stimulate creativity.

    At Victoria Montessori, we build a strong foundation and strong values. The directresses model respect: respect for the environment, respect for others and oneself. These values, in turn, build confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression, vital for emotional and mental health.

    Our mission is to guide, nurture and impart good knowledge, which will build a healthy body and mind with a positive mental attitude.

    Our Montessori environment stimulates creative thinking and intellectual growth. It encourages children’s natural joy and imagination.

    Our goal is to draw out creative, discerning, sensitive, bright and happy individuals.

    First, we recognize that both sides of the brain need to have equal value. Intuitive, artistic subjects, such as art must be developed alongside math and science in order to unite the intellectual with the intuitive. We embrace the “whole child”. We do so through storytelling, reading, art, visualization, language, speech pronunciation, music, drama and “learning through play”; and we guide the child from concrete to abstract math, science, geography and botany.

    Second, we believe that communication is essential for mental and physical health; we take time for conversation, feedback and sharing. Children need to be helped to express what they are feeling, to name their emotions in order to recognize and accept them. Active listening on the part of the directress is invaluable, communicating subtle ideas about feeling, so the child can understand and embrace language to express his or her feelings.

    Third, we know, that it is vital to enjoy learning and to have a purpose, but imperative to have fun along the way, too. We do not want to stifle our children’s spirit.

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