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    Pure merino clothing and sleepwear for newborns to 6 years.


    Also known as Nature’s wonder fibre, merino wool is hypoallergenic, breathable, naturally flame-resistant, temperature regulating, odour reducing, and best of all, the very softest, finest, 100% natural fibre your baby will ever wear.

    We use the highest quality merino wool from New Zealand, of course!

    Safe for baby, safe for mama nature: Our merino is processed without exposure to chlorine or harsh chemicals and is finished with non-toxic dyes, ensuring a completely natural product through and through.

    Merino wool is naturally flame resistant, so that means there are absolutely no flame retardants in our clothing or sleepwear.

    So take comfort in your wee one wearing the very softest, finest, and purest merino, carefully produced using socially and ethically responsible methods in every stage of production.


    From happy sheep to happy kids, everyone loves our Wee Woollies pure merino essentials.

    Bright and Beautiful

    100% Natural

    Designed and Made in Canada

    Pure New Zealand Merino

     Fashion and Function at its Finest

     “There’s merino and there’s merino, and wow… your merino is like butter!”

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