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    Do You Have A 3-6 Or A 7-13 Year Old Child?

     “I will increase your Child’s confidence, self-esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them Life skills that will last a Lifetime and much, much more in 30 days or less for FREE “ Master James Tosoff


    Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than Team Sports in developing a child’s self esteem and confidence? Read to learn more about this AMAZING FREE 30 DAY OFFER.


    “My name is Master James Tosoff, head of Westcoast Taekwon-do. I’ve been involved in MartialArts for 20 years and I’ve been a resident of Victoria for over 15 years. I’m on an unstoppable mission to help the children of my community achieve academic success, gain confidence, increase their self esteem, avoid peer pressure, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

    I have a secret to share with you. I’ve already done it and I continue to do it everyday with kidsjust like yours and we can do it for your child. Imagine how you’ll feel when your child becomes unstoppable at achieving all of the positive things life has to offer and unstoppable at avoiding all of the negative things life has to offer. With our exclusive Martial Art Enrichment program not only will your child receive all of the benefits that I just spoke about and more from our program, they’ll love doing it. I guarantee it!” Come and see for yourself.


    4011 Quadra St. (at McKenzie)




    Call now at 727-7766 and receive a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL for your child. There is

     ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION or charge for this FREE introductory offer! This NO STRINGS attached offer allowsyou to see if Westcoast Taekwon-Do can give your child the tools to succeed in life like they’vedone for so many other parent’s. You must mention this ad.

    Here’s what else you get for FREE!

    They’re giving you $100.00 worth of services and products for FREE just to check them out. That’s how confident they are in their program. Now you have to take action and see it for yourself. Call NOW! 727-7766 There is ABSOULUTELY NO OBLIGATION or charge for this FREE introductory offer! It’ll be the best thing you could do for your child.  

    You can also visit them on the web at www.VictoriaTaekwondo.com

    See for yourself.


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