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    Our focus is on a child’s needs. We believe in providing the highest standards of childcare possible.

    All our Academies have unique features; biometric fingerprint access control, on-site kitchens and chefs, professional cleaning staff, large classrooms with lots of natural light, separate sleep rooms for infants, outdoor secure playgrounds and Liveview HD cameras.


    Willowbrae Curriculum


    Willowbrae Academy’s curriculum is the heart of what we provide for our children. It is made up of six learning areas: Social Skills & Diversity, Emotional Skills, Cognitive Abilities, Communication, Language & Literacy, Physical Health, and Imagination & Creativity. The curriculum has been developed based on three proven methods of learning: Montessori, High Scope and Emergent.

    In support of our curriculum, three unique programs: Young Scholars, BodyBreak KID FIT and Creative Kids have been designed to create measurable improvements in these important areas of learning in a fun and safe environment.

    Our programs encourage children to develop their skills from initial exposure through to mastery under the caring support of our Early Childhood Educators. Activities, both inside and outside the classroom, are designed to provide opportunities for practice and are linked to each child’s unique pace of progress by measurable expected outcomes.

    Parents/guardians are included as a valuable part of each child’s learning process through parent curriculum engagement. This encourages children to practice our activities at home. At Willowbrae, we promote the process of learning as a group effort; educators and parents working together to help children reach their full potential.


    Montessori focuses on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. Children choose how they want to learn.

    high scope

    High Scope supports the belief that children learn the best when they participate actively in the learning process. Active participatory learning is a partnership between teachers and children.


    Emergent is a curriculum based on the child and teacher’s interest and passion. Flexibility and creativity are key compounds.

    Meeting the individual needs and interests of a child is our number one priority. Our Early Childhood Educators are committed to providing every child with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. At Willowbrae, we feel our curriculum is the key to a successful foundation for lifelong learning.

    Learning Areas

    Our responsibility to the children in our care is to make every day a new experience and challenge. At Willowbrae, our curriculum includes key learning areas designed to enable children to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. Willowbrae Academy focuses on six learning areas: social skills and diversity, emotional skills, cognitive abilities, communication, language and literacy, physical health, imagination and creativity.


    Children are exposed to a socially inclusive and culturally sensitive environment, where social responsibility is nurtured. Children are taught to respect diversity and appreciate their own uniqueness and that of others. Children learn how to be emphatic, co-operative, helping, and how to develop friendships.


    Children experience a safe and caring environment where their emotional health, positive self-identities and sense of belonging are fostered. Children develop a sense of self and a sense of others. Children learn to form trusting, respectful relationships.

    cogntive icon

    Children experience open and flexible environments where playful exploration and problem solving are encouraged. Children test their limits, learn the dynamics of working together, and develop different strategies to identify and work out problems. Children also learn to question, observe and inquire about the world around them.


    Children experience intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environments where their speech, language, literacy and social communication skills are valued and supported. These skills are developed through classroom activities, peer interaction, and active play.


    Children experience safe and caring environments where physical health and positive lifestyle choices are promoted and encouraged. Children explore body and movement, develop gross and fine motor skills, learn about food and nutrition, and are taught to take responsibility for personal care.


    Children are exposed to open and flexible environments where imagination and creativity are encouraged through dramatic play, music, dance, arts and crafts. Children create imaginary scenarios in which they explore new possibilities. Children are encouraged to create something new and original.

    Willowbrae Academy Programs

    Through our unique programs Willowbrae Young Scholars, Body Break KID FIT, and Willowbrae Creative Kids children learn to express themselves, engage in individual, and group interactions and use classroom materials purposefully and productively. Children are exposed to communication, language and literacy, social emotional experiences, healthy lifestyle habits, creative opportunities and problem solving. Through age-appropriate activities, children develop and enhance their skills, giving them a strong foundation for future learning.

    Willowbrae Academy has three exclusive programs for delivering our curriculum. These programs are: Willowbrae Young Scholars, BodyBreak KID FIT and Willowbrae Creative Kids.


    Why Choose Our Curriculum?

    Willowbrae Academy’s educational program differs from other childcare providers by having customized developmental programs, regular progress updates for each child, parent curriculum engagement whereby parents can view their child’s daily activities, as well as actively participating in progress reporting in cooperation with the Early Childhood Educators. All Willowbrae activities are linked to specific learning areas ensuring parents that each activity has purpose.

    Customized Developmental Programs

    Individual activities completed during the day are linked to one of our three programs: Willowbrae Young Scholars, BodyBreak KID FIT, or Willowbrae Creative Kids. Activities are planned based on children’s interests and needs. Our activities are child lead with educators following the children when interacting with materials.

    Regular Progress Updates

    Early Childhood Educators update progress reports for each child on a regular basis and parents can access that information in real time. At the end of each day parents receive a detailed report via email which includes student progress and the daily activities completed.

    Parent Engagement

    The activities completed in the classroom, along with detailed instructions, are available to parents within our Braeview software. This allows parents to complete activities at home with their children. Parents can record milestones on their child’s progress report in the Braeview software system; and, can view any observations noted on the child’s progress report by the Early Childhood Educators.

    Activites Linked to Outcomes

    Each of our activities in our three programs Willowbrae Young Scholars, BodyBreak KID FIT, and Willowbrae Creative Kids are linked to learning outcomes. Parents receive daily updates on classroom activities which inform parents of the various skills being developed.

    Willowbrae Academy Curriculum

    Willowbrae Curriculum

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