Screen-free Survival Strategies

Write a song about your life. Include details like your family, hobbies, interests, loves, pets etc.

Write and mail an actual letter to someone you love (sealed without a kiss or saliva—use a piece of tape or sticker instead!).

Build and test paper airplanes.

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Alphabetize your spice rack.

Phone a grandparent or older person and ask them to teach you the words to a song from their childhood.

Learn, practice and perform a magic trick.

Draw a map of your home Be sure to label it with as much detail as you can.

Interview a family member to see what new things you can learn about them. Make a list of the 10 new things you learned.

Design a poster that has a drawing of a main character from a book/movie. On the poster, include the negative and positive character traits.

Use household materials to make and play stringed percussion and/or wind instruments.

Learn Morse code and use it to communicate with someone else through the walls and floors.

Design and build puppets that perform a show about a math concept: shapes, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.

Determine and chart the times that different liquids require to turn solid in the freezer.

Learn practice, and tell three new jokes. Share these with friends and family members.


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