Top Toys

Island Parent’s curated list of this year’s top toys guarantees that your kids will have more fun with the toys inside the boxes than the boxes themselves!

Oioiooi Alphabet Play Block Set

This beautiful alphabet play block set helps promote creative learning. Each letter has corresponding shapes for kids to find and match as they learn the alphabet. Whether for decoration, storytelling, or learning, these blocks are easily heirloom toys with their timeless beech and walnut wood design.

Trigonos Family

This construction set from Trigonos comes with fabric as one of construction materials. It has wood blocks and sticks as other construction kits, but the fabric adds unique design elements to the final results. The scales of this construction encourage kids to work as a team to build cool structures for fun.

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Aurora Erasable Markers

Create negative space and your own unique designs with 8 erasable markers that have color on one end and a white tip on the other. Comes in red, pink, orange, yellow, lime, blue, green and purple.

Cutetitos Pizzaitos

Cutetitos are now cheesier than ever, in brand new series 5 Pizzaitos. These super-soft, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a pizza blanket are ready to be unrolled and discovered. 12 new animalitos, are each wrapped in 1 of 4 pizza wraps: cheese, pepperoni, spicy, or Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple. From a Turtlito to a Poodlito and even a Ladybugito, each Cutetito Pizzaoitis is cuter than the next. A pet collector card is included with details on your new pet including its species, name, birthday and “hot spot” cheese-o-meter rating. Ages 3+

Care Bears Magic Interactive Figures

The Care Bears are great friends. Whether you’re feeling cheerful or grumpy, they are always by your side to make things better and keep you smiling. Your touch unlocks 50+ reactions and surprises. Care Bears can sing, tell jokes, share feelings, say funny phrases, move, and light up their signature belly badges by touching their paws, nose, or belly. Each includes a special Care Coin for collecting and sharing—perfect to give to a friend to show them how much you care or keep it as a reminder to yourself to always be caring and kind. Ages 4+

Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic

The most fun and nostalgic way to create art with light. New retro-inspired styling resembles the original Lite-Brite from the 80s and now features a bigger screen, brighter pegs, and more templates including six retro patterns. Just insert the pegs into the templates or freestyle an original design—then press the button to see the creation light-up in four different ways, from steady to blinking. With an updated stand on the back, kids can easily create and display their masterpieces…then turn off the lights for the ultimate effect. Ages 4+

Little Bot Ofie Mats

This soft baby play mat is reversible, durable and developed with a keen eye for design. Little Bot play mats are easy to clean and vacuum safe. They complement your home life style and provide safe and comfortable space for families with little kids. The play mat is available in three neutral versions and comes double-sided for when you want to quickly change up the look of the playroom. Durable, non-toxic, cushy, easy to clean—what else could you ask for in a baby mat?

The Nugget

Part-furniture, part-toy, and all-around the best thing to happen to playtime since, well, ever. Kids love Nugget for its interplanetary possibilities, but parents love it for something else: saving space. It takes the place of dozens of trinkets and small toys, allowing for less cleanup and safer play. It also contributes to another important mission: saving the grown-up couch from certain destruction.

Stuffed Animals by CozyMoss

These stuffed animals cannot be any cuter. Each one has its own name, image and story. CozyMoss also makes additional toy clothes. These beautiful whimsical dolls will develop kids’ imagination sand creativity in dress up and role play, and are sure to become their adventure companion and secrets keeper.

Blockitecture Garden City Mega Set

Build the world you want to see with Blockitecture, a set of architectural building blocks. Cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks to create towers, cities and dwellings. This set of blocks can be combined in endless ways to build your own miniature city. Also included are specialized blocks to add pavilions and gardens to your buildings.

Pound Puppies

The original Pound Puppies are back with new authentic reproductions that look and feel just like everyone remembers. Ready to be adopted and loved, there are a variety of puppies to choose from, with different facial and eye expressions, ear lengths and fur colors in an updated soft material. Each comes in a pet-carrier shaped package and includes a care sheet and official adoption papers. Ages 3+

Moon Picnic Weather Station

Learn about weather with this fun and educational interactive toy. There are 4 movable parts and 5 weather symbols to display so little meteorologists can report and forecast the weather. Move the weather meter, turn the dials, slide the thermometer. It’s safely made with non-toxic paint and sustainable wood so you can feel good about gifting this, too.

Curious Kids Nature Guide

Filled with 100 beautifully accurate, colourful illustrations and interesting facts (did you know that baby raccoons are smaller than a bar of soap?)—this nature guide to the Pacific Northwest is perfect for any “Best Coast” explorer. Not only an awesome nature guide for kids, it’s also great for adults who want a quick introduction to the enchanting flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

Kate & Levi Hand Puppets

Handmade using recycled and repurposed materials, every product is eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind. Not only is this process environmentally responsible, but it ensures that each animal is truly a one of a kind creation never to be duplicated. With every purchase you make you help send a child fighting cancer to camp so you can give and give back!


CurliGirls dolls feature MagiCurl hair that curls instantly when you pull it. There’s Bayli, the Birthday Girl; Charli, the Pop Star; and Hayli, the Ballerina. Collect them all and Express Your Curl Power. The longer you pull, the tighter the curl. Curl with your fingers, or easy styling tools, then accessorize with hair clips and beads. To change it up, dip hair in warm water and watch it magically straighten. Style and restyle over and over again. Ages 3+

TONKA Mud Rescue & Mighty Dump

With TONKA Micro Metals all of your favorite vehicles are now available in miniature. This line from TONKA offers all the rescue, construction and service vehicles in awesome micro sized metal versions. Each free-wheeling vehicle is built micro-sized, but TONKA tough. Also includes a Toolbox capsule to store your vehicles. The Tonka Steel Classics Mighty Dump Truck is built for hauling. This sturdy, steel construction vehicle is ready for the toughest loading jobs. Move the bed up and down to trigger its unloading action. Ages 3+

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