Light, Steel and Imagination

A free art show for the whole family.

This is a collaborative art show with works by photographers Leah Gray, Mike Wooding, Steve Smith and Rick Shapka. The “Steel” in the show name is provided by John Bukovec, a creator of 3-dimensional steel art.

Rick Shapka has a keen interest in creating abstract images both in and out of the camera. His photography includes images made in both natural and constructed environments.

Steve Smith’s main interest is nature and wildlife photography. He also does street and travel photography as well as studio work. This year he will present some composite landscapes as well as other nature images.

Mike Wooding is a local nature photographer who hopes that wildlife, in all its forms, will be permitted to provide man with a source of enduring fascination, understanding and, most importantly, respect.

John Bukovec creates steel feathers, garden art and elaborate steel-feathered birds. He also experiments with other aspects of metal art – copper jewelry, steel cutouts and modifying found metal objects. 

Leah Gray is known for her horse photography, as well as wildlife and other genres. She will be presenting some of her latest photographic work.


Aug 18 - 24 2023


daily 9-5
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


ArtSea Gallery
9565 Fifth Street, Sidney
Opening Hour
9:00 am